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's the middle of the day throughout a long travel. He's seated at the tyre, cruising along. She's sitting in the voyager seat, studying, glancing up now and then in the passing landscapes. Suddenly, she turns to him and cries, " Talk to me! " She's not stir crazy; he's certainly not ignoring her. They're merely living the classic divide in communication among men and women. She is more discussion-oriented; he's most action. A single reason for these differences comes from the way relationships develop during childhood.

Girls' friendships focus on making links -- speak is essential to this process. Posting secrets, relating experiences, uncovering problems and discussing alternatives are essential during girls' expansion. Boys generally take one more approach to companionship. Their friendship is certainly not less serious; it's just different. Friend groups tend to be bigger, focusing on activities rather than dialogue.

This differentiation in youth leads to dissimilar communication variations in adult life. Women talk through discussion, discussing thoughts, choices and problems. Males remain action-oriented -- the purpose of communication is to achieve something.

Research indicates that these are the general, also common, habits of men and women, but these splits are not complete. There are undoubtedly men who want to chat about their feelings and women who quickly tire of discourse. But one way to sort male-female relationships is to examine them through the lens of childhood: speak versus deeds. With that in mind, listed here is a list of twelve ways that (most) men and women connect differently and just how these differences affect their particular interactions [source: В Tannen].