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Case Summary of Lily

Lily Winchester is a 25 year old Caucasian woman who also came to therapies due to several issues stemming from her Father's desertion of her as a child and also issues she's dealing with after having a traumatic harassing relationship. Lily has a Bachelors degree in Special Education from The Ohio State University. She is wedded, and the girl and her husband Leader have three children. The lady met Dean while travelling in Ocean Isle Seashore, North Carolina. Dean works as a Firefighter in their local community. Dean is usually 27 years of age and was raised in Shallotte North Carolina. Their three youngsters are a six year old son (Maxim), a 4 yr old boy (River), and a 2 yr old girl (Olive).

Lily grew up in rural Kentkucky. Her father and mother Charlotte and Allen divorced when Lily was some, they both have remarried. Her mother Charlotte married Lily's step-father Jay when Lily was 12-15, Charlotte works for a non-profit organization since an accountant and Jay has his personal construction company. Her father Allen married Lily's step-mother Suzy when Lily was your five, Allen retired from Express Highway Patrol and at the moment he is providing in the Military services in Iraq. Suzy is actually a dispatcher pertaining to the State Road Patrol. Lily has one biological sis Brittaney who will be 30 and works as a Druggist in New york. Lily's daddy Allen and step-mother Suzy have twins together, Jack who is 19 is a regular student, and Jackie who may be 23 with the Air Force. Lily's mother Charlotte and step-father Jay include 2 kids together, Mr. bieber who is 13 and Michaela who is 15. Jay was once married and brought two older children in to the marriage, Joshua who is 26 and John who is twenty-five.

Lily's parents single when Lily was 4 after her father was having an affair. He never referred to as to check in on Lily and her sister Brittaney, and he never came for visitations. Started drinking after the divorce and Lily is convinced he...