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(P. G & Meters. Phil. Applications for University or college Schools / Department)

The option Based Credit rating System was introduced in the University Teaching Departments through the academic season 1999—2000 and suitably altered as per advice of TANSCHE in 2010.


1)The restrictions formed thus shall apply to all content graduate programs and Meters. Phil. courses conducted simply by Schools / Departments from the Madurai Kamaraj University.

2)In these regulations, we utilize the following conditions:

" Educational Committee” means the Committee constituted underneath the regulations. " Post-Graduate Program” means Masters degree. The definition of excludes M. Phil and Ph. Deb programs. A P. G. program or a M. Phil. Program could be offered by someone Department or by the University (by the collaboration in the constituent Departments)

" Institution / Department Council” means the collection training faculty and one or more authorities from exterior, if the plan is offered by School / Department. The council is a statutory body and will have the necessary capabilities of the Table of Studies and the Controller of Assessments. The Chairperson of the School or the Mind of the Department will be the Chairman of the council. The Leader will call together, get together, gather, assemble the council meeting and look after all the matters related to the implementation of the CBCS scheme. The Chairman may well nominate one of many teaching teachers as the Controller of Examinations in order to look after the conduction in the Examinations. A Centre or any recognized body of the School with the agreement of Association, may provide a PG system with its individual teaching teachers and / or more than one experts via outside the center. Here the Centre Authorities will have similar status since School as well as Department Council.

" Primary Course” means a course that is proposed by the mother or father Department which will form the major element of the subject matter of the Program. This cannot be replaced by some other course. " Elective Course” is a training course offered by either the parent Department yet another Department. The student has the choice in picking out a particular optional course. " Non-Major Elective” (NME) program is offered by a non-Parent Division and this are not available to the scholars of that Department. The NME is offered simply in third semester. The " Scholar Adviser” nominated by the Chief of the Institution / Section Council can give counseling the students in choosing their optional course or perhaps NME training course by understanding their aptitude, capability, and so forth

" Soft Courses” means subject things related to Voiced English and Personality Development.


Students who have received a Bachelor's degree from the Madurai Kamaraj University or a Degree named equivalent thereto and who have secured at least 50% in the aggregate in part III for subjects intended for Science and a pass in the combination in part III for Disciplines and Humanities subjects are eligible to apply (Relaxation in the minimum marks intended for admission and reservation of seats pertaining to SC/ST and other categories will be allowed according to existing norms). The School/Department Council shall have the power to change the eligibility for any course.

4) Admission:

Admission to each P. G program and M. Phil cannella Program in the University departments will be based around the marks obtained in the being qualified examination or entrance examination as elected by the School/Department. However in the case of subjects where pupils from other disciplines are admitted, admission will be based only on the marks acquired in an access test to become conducted by School/Department.

5) Registration:

your five. 1 Just about every School/Department may have faculty members as students' advisors. The School /Department Authorities shall fix the number of learners to be counseled by every faculty affiliate. Each pupil is free to take his/her own advisor according to his/her choice. The student consultant...