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 Nike Swot Analysis Composition

SWOT examination: Nike


Like most corporations, Nike offers corporate pros and cons. However , in the 50 years that Nike has been in business, it includes weathered the majority of challenges. From the maverick days and nights as an upstart athletics shoe manufacturer being sold from the back of the trunk of its owners' cars by track complies with, through the 1980s and 90s when it lavished multi-million dollars endorsement discounts on sports activities icons. Following is a SWOT (strength, weak point, opportunity and threat) examination of this superb American company.


Marketing experience

Nike is a marketing trailblazer. Its advertisements are so one of a kind and well-known that every fresh advertising campaign is analysed simply by industry watchers and authorities, and analyzed like it is actually a new novel or top seller (Howell, 1991). It has made gems including " Simply do It”, the " most recognizable tagline in marketing history” (Katz, 1994), and " Zero games. Simply sport” – a zero non-sense coming back cry immortalized in the 2000 movie " What Ladies Want” acting Mel Gibson and Sue Hunt. Atmosphere Jordans – its Air Jordan collection has been therefore successful that more than a decade after Michael Jordan has retired from professional sports, the line continues to be Nike's premier brand (Strasser, 1994).

Innovative merchandise

The very first strike, the " waffle soles” for running sneakers made Nike its 1st millions. It was inspired simply by Phil Knight's wife's hot cake waffle straightener (Strasser, 1994). It mixed maximum grip, simplicity of design and minimum fat. It has been duplicated by competition but under no circumstances duplicated.

Impressive service

Nike acknowledged early on the potency of e-commerce. It established their Nike site to assist its worldwide group of followers, allow them to inquire abuout, design their particular shoes, and order shoes or boots directly from our factory (Dworkin, 1999). There was practIcally no web commerce in 1995, but in 97 this segment earned businesses $26 billion. By 2002, it increase into a $330 billion market and $1 trillion simply by 2005. Nike continued to succeed in its around the world audience through its website although the US is home to 50% of the planet's market in sports shoes and apparel (High Tech Writers, 2000).


Through Nike. com, the " Nike Id", enables buyers to create their own shoes, or have all their number or perhaps name upon it, just like Kobe Bryant, or Michael Jordan or perhaps LeBron Wayne. It gives regula customers access to special treatment Nike's multi-million dollar endorsers and gives fans the notion that they can really be like their particular sports characters (PRnewswire, 2000).

Adds benefit to item

Nike in 2009 paid out LeBron Adam $90 , 000, 000 to promote his basketball sneakers. Michael Jordan apparently still directions upwards of 20 dollars million a year, and Kobe Bryant, a simlar amount (Wicked Community, 2008). Whilst it costs Nike a large amount of money, the positive manufacturer association that celebrity real reviews can bring could be worth several times more than they cost (Katz, 1994).

Weak spot

Destroyed reputation

Nike has been rocked by accusations of helping unfair labor practices in the overseas production facilities. It is also accused of turning a sightless eye on labor mistreatment in countries that produce Nikes just like, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, China and tiawan and other countries (Ferrell, ou al., 1998). Labor and human rights activitists include picketed many Niketown Stores to contact attention to these kinds of alleged violations. An powerhouse group, Vietnam Labour Enjoy, has charged Nike of violating bare minimum wage laws and overtime, however, laws in these countries. Nike has rejected the claims.


Buyer assistance through the internet

Through the " Question Nike” site, a relationship it runs with " Ask Jeeves”, its technological advisers answer questions fielded by Nike supporters and consumers. The website gives customers with a direct and almost-instantaneous connection with Nike. (Dworkin, 1999).

Low cost

Nike offers both well-known and discontinued models of sneakers and...

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