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I actually. General Characteristics

A cancer (malignant) bone tissue tumor

Usually develops in teenagers (occurs when a young is growing rapidly) Most common boneВ cancer in kids

There are regarding 800 new cases of osteosarcoma in the usa each year Will appear in the upper arm, leg, and shin though it could appear in any kind of bone Could be fatal

If perhaps tumor has not spread for the lungs long lasting survival prices are better 60% to 80% local 5-year your survival rate

At least twenty three types of osteosarcoma

2. Cause

Trigger unknown

Risk factors consist of age, height, gender, ethnicity, radiation to bones, and certain cuboid diseases and syndromes Higher risk if it works in the friends and family

III. Symptoms

Symptoms consist of bone bone fracture, pain, restriction of action, limping (if in leg), pain when ever lifting (if in arm), tenderness, and swelling begins in the cells that make bone tissue

low class, intermediate grade, and premium

IV. Medical diagnosis

No special tests to look for osteosarcoma that individuals without symptoms or good risk factors If symptoms point toward osteosarcoma assessments will be done

MRI'S, CT'S, chest x-rays, bone scans, and FAMILY PET scans

A biopsy of the bone is taken and sent to a lab which tells osteosarcoma apart from additional cancers

V. Treatment

Can be treated efficiently

Types of treatment include surgery, radiation treatment, and the radiation In most cases medical procedures and chemo are needed

Main goal of surgery is always to remove all cancer

Chemo kills cancer cells

Basic Characteristics

Osteosarcoma is a sort of cancer starting in the bones.

It can be most common in teens. From the nearly 800 new situations a year in the usa 400 are children and teens(Cancer. org, 2013). Osteosarcoma often begins near the ends of the long bones in the legs, especially in the part of the thigh bone subsequent to the knee as observed in figure you, and the section of the lower leg cuboid next to the knee. The arm bone tissue near the shoulder joint is the second most common place for this cancers to...

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