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Statins and also other Lipid-lowering Drugs | Health Print | Patient. company. uk

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Statins and also other Lipid-lowering Drugs

Statin drugs reduce the blood cholesterol level. This helps to avoid heart disease, stroke and related diseases that individuals at elevated risk. Holiday providers not stressed by side-effects. However , for a statin, tell a health care provider if you develop unexplained muscles pain, tenderness or weakness (which might be due to an unusual, but significant, side-effect).

Exactly what cholesterol, lipids and atheroma?

Cholesterol is known as a type of body fat (lipid) that is certainly made in the liver, from fatty foods that we consume. A certain amount of cholesterol is present in the bloodstream. You will need some bad cholesterol to keep healthy and balanced. Cholesterol is definitely one factor involved in creating atheroma.

Patches of atheroma are like small fatty lumps which develop within the coating of veins (arteries). A patch of atheroma makes an artery narrower, that might reduce the blood flow. A build-up of atheroma can cause center diseases such as angina and heart episodes, stroke, transient ischaemic strike (TIA) - sometimes called a mini-stroke - and reducing of the arteries to the thighs (peripheral arterial disease).

Discover separate booklet called Lipid disorders for information.

What are statins and how perform they function?

Statins really are a group of medications that are frequently used to reduce the degree of cholesterol in the blood. That they include atorvastatin, fluvastatin, pravastatin, rosuvastatin and simvastatin. Both have different manufacturers. Statins job by stopping the actions of a certain chemical substance (enzyme) which is needed to generate cholesterol.

Whom should take a statin?

A medical expert will guide if you should have a statin. A statin is often advised if: • You have a high cholesterol level (called hyperlipidaemia -- see the separate leaflets in Hyperlipidaemia and Familial Hypercholesterolaemia).

• You could have an atheroma-related disease. This is certainly a heart problems such as halsbet?ndelse or...