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Plastic-type material money or perhaps polymer cash, made out of plastic, is a new and much easier way of spending money on goods and services. Plastic-type money was introduced in the 1950s and is now an essential formof ready money which reduces the risk of handling a huge amount of cash. It includes debitcards, ATMs, wise cards, etc . Credit cards, alternatives of plastic money, are used as substitutesfor currency

Credit cards in India are gaining earth. A number of banking companies in India areencouraging people to use mastercard. The concept of mastercard was used in 1950 with thelaunch of charge cards in USA simply by Diners Golf club and American Express. Mastercard however became more popular with use of permanent magnetic strip in the 1970s. Credit card in India became popular with the introduction of foreign banks near your vicinity. Credit cards are financial tools, which can be used more than once to borrow money or perhaps buy products and services about credit. Essentially banks, retail stores and other businesses issuethese. It was introduced around and has become an important form of all set money. Oneof the main factors behind introducing plastic money, specifically credit cards is always to reduce the risk

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of coping with huge amount of cash by individuals/merchants. The growth and recognition of plastic-type material money in India has been remarkable in the last several years. In the present day universe, no one desires to be irritated by the existence of huge money in his or her finances and the Indians are no exceptions. The unprecedented growth inside the number of credit cardusers features stimulated the Indian overall economy by a significant extent. The arrival of malls, multiplexes, online shopping shops and searching complexes have contributed to thegrowth of the make use of plastic cards. The Best charge cards in India are usually intended for specific customer group such as women, college students and small business owners. These greeting cards are offered for the prospective customerswith appealing bargains. Over the years, Indians have been against to credit rating...