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Lemeng Wang


Functional reports: smoke pastry


There are many varieties of pastries worldwide. All of these pastries are based on a flour and water mix always with some added fat or margarine, and sometimes contain other ingredients like ovum and sugars. ( Votre Gourmand Patissier, 2010)

Smoke pastry can be one of common pastries which usually appearance is usually flaky, young and light. It has many layers that caused by expand or perhaps " puff” when it cooked. Mixing flour, salt, a little fat and water is employed to form bread. Then the dough is split with body fat or various other ingredient such as margarine, to form thousand of layers of fat and dough simply by folding and rolling (America Palm Oil Authorities, 2010). Pastry rises up due to the combination and result of the ingredients and in addition containing surroundings between the tiers, when it is baked. (Baking Industry Research Trust, 2010 and Mcgee, L., 2004)

3 main points will probably be included in this functional report. First of all, after bread is merged, it should be relaxed with covered cling film for a quarter-hour. The changes of leaven money in this method will be reviewed. Secondly, common symbols in the puff pastry are levels formed simply by fats and dough. The amount and development of levels is also one factor impacting on the quality of puff pastry. Finally two kinds of puff pastry are made that is based upon two several layering body fat. One is split with stork margarine, one more is with specific puff pastry layering body fat. The performances of these two products are mainly different. The real reason for this is stated as well.

The height of puff pastry has been assessed after developing. Then the imply and regular deviation pertaining to both remedies are computed by using figure methods. After, an unpaired t-test will be used to analyze if there is a record difference between fats when it comes to pastry go up. Meanwhile, a square of puff pastry from every batch must be tasted following baking and the mark because of their observations needs to be given to get puff pastry quality.


The aims with this report should be analyze making process and quality in the puff pastry that is manufactured. Based on the recorded data, the reasons intended for leaven money, quantity and formation with the layers and differences among layering fat and stork margarine use the e-cig pastry will be explained.

Elements and methods


Two different ingredients for body fat and margarine are described in table. 1 and table. a couple of

Name| Quantity| Comment

Strong flour| 635. 4g|

Salt| 10. 56g|

Cake margarine| fifty eight. 2g| Elements: vegetable herbal oils, water salt, buttermilk, emulsifier(mono- & di- glycerides of fatty acids), preservative(potassium sorbate), citric acid, flavouring nutritional E, color (beta- carotene), vitamins A & M. Typical values per 100g contain 630kcal energy, 70g fat, zero. 9g salt and 2 . 25g salt. | Water| 300. 2g|

Stork margarine| 419. 8g| Ingredients: veggie oils, drinking water salt, buttermilk, emulsifier(mono- & di-glycerides of fatty acids), cltric chemical p, flavourings, vitamin E, colour (beta- carotene), vitamins A & M. Typical values per 100g contain 675kcal energy, 75g fat, 0. 9g salt and 2 . 30g sodium. | Table. 1 The ingredient of puff pastry with stork margarine

Name| Quantity| Brief review

Strong Flour| 635 g|

Salt| 11. 48g|

Cake Margarine| 58. 1g| Ingredients: veg oils, drinking water salt, buttermilk, emulsifier(mono- & di- glycerides of fatty acids), preservative(potassium sorbate), citric acid, flavouring vitamin Elizabeth, colour (beta- carotene), vitamin supplements A & D. Typical values every 100g is made up of 630kcal energy, 70g excess fat, 0. 9g sodium and 2 . 25g salt. | Water| 300. 3g|

Specialized Smoke Pastry Fat| 420. 2g|

Desk. 2 The ingredient of puff pastry with specific puff pastry fat


Sieve, Kenwood mixer, pastry-brake machine, cling film, rolling pin, cutlery, oven, cutter machine


1 . Sieve the flour plus the salt in bowl of a Kenwood mixing machine. 2 ....

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