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Professional Summary

There are a number of crimes that happen in communities throughout the world that require community prevention many of these include however not restricted to youth gang problems, minimizing offending and reoffending behaviours and lastly the topic this report discusses the need for Kid Protection Staff in the Queensland Child Protection system to increase their know-how and skills in identifying sexual combing.

Analysis Question

What are the primary Practices in the field of Community criminal offense prevention? With this survey Focussing in Child Protection and the sex grooming of youngsters in neighborhoods.

Research Methology

The investigation contained in this paper was compiled via several recourses that check out how child sexual grooming occurs and what measures can be taken on by professional workers and then in turn spread to the wider community intended for strategies to keep children secure. Google Scholar was trusted in the exploration paper and it was identified that the university or college library are not as beneficial as being in a position to access analysis engines inside the child security sector. Since the Author Farkes and Jones state in their Article Community Partners: " Doing Doors” as the community crime prevention Strategy, Site 4, " Cities in the us namely Milwaukee launched a program in 1998 titled the Risk-free Initiative. This is implemented based on the good implementation of its " Weed and Seed” system. This program was sponsored by Department of Justice. The Seeding part of the program was aims to develop Services and Recourses to reduce risk factors, This is the main point of the research statement and the cause it is based on the topic Kid Se Tidying and what can be done so that Child Safety Workers can be better trained to lessen risk factors in the kid safety sector and eventually in the wider neighborhoods.

Literature Review

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