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The Misfortune of Romeo and Juliet is essentially regarding teenagers refusing to listen their particular parents, how ever the out come may have been a similar if they had paid attention to their parents because they would have been and so unhappy and miserable that they weren't collectively.

" The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is actually a play about two young adults who along with love yet whose households are adversaries and will by no means agree to these people being with each other. Romeo and Juliet usually listen to all their parents and run away to get married. This results in the deaths of Romeo and Juliet

In the play Romeo and Juliet,

Juliet's family members want her to marry Paris, the girl with not happy regarding this because she doesn't love him. Her family thinks he is a good match on her behalf because he can be rich as well as the family like him, yet that is not enough for Juliet. She desires to be with an individual she loves and doesn't' care what her family think or want for her. When Juliet meets Romeo it is like at first sight and even though they both equally know their own families will never accept to them staying together, that they decide that they don't care and they do not listen to their particular parents.

Father and mother and youngsters are very different. Adults are hard and kids run on behavioral instinct; most kids stray from their parents' way of life and go off independently. Sometimes father and mother influence their children's judgment on significant matters. Often this can be a good thing but sometimes its negative. Since often times children are easy to influence it's not hard to enable them to inherit all their parents' thought process. Many times father and mother don't realize they have this impact on their kids. And though they don't realize it, they are indirectly doing harm to their children's ability to think on their own. Parents' opinions about people can also be given to their children. (Romeo III. I. 62-63) " Boy this will not excuse the injuries that thou has done me; for that reason turn and draw”. Romeo and Tybalt were convinced to hate each other. Adults learn to...