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Social networking in Interaction


Address 1: Summary of Social Media!

Doctor Tracy Loh

14 August 2014

This Lecture

Module review!

Assignments/grading criteria!

Group project!

Summary of social media

Social networking in Connection Management




Public Relations

Training course Description

Focus can be on the aspect and managing of social networking in relation to communication management i. e. the advertising and public

relations industries!

Theoretically influenced, looking at the strategies and practices that govern the usage and application of social media in organisations in order to accomplish organisation's desired goals!

Concept focused, rather than application/platform focused!

Module is contrasting yet independent from NM3215

Advertising Tactics and NM2219 Principles of Comm Mgt

Course Desired goals

By the end of this module, you will be able to:!

Understand how social media performs and how it fits in the overall multimedia landscape!

Devise and manage social media strategies and campaigns!

Evaluate the success of social media campaigns!

Understand the theoretical underpinnings of social media conduct!

Be familiar with implications the use of social media has pertaining to the industry as well as for culture in general!

Examine coming from critical and practical sides the cultural, economic and business impacts of social networking

The Team

Lecturer: Doctor Tracy Loh (loh. [email protected] edu. sg)!

Instructing Assistant: Mr Derrick Ng ([email protected] edu. sg)

Spiel Etiquette

Respect and consideration!

Arrive punctually!


Turn off mobiles!

Stay away from social media interruptions during class i. at the. no texting or OM-ing or Facebooking or Tweeting or placing on Hardwareforum or Stomp-ing or…!


Arrive prepared to get involved!

Read, read, read!!

Everything inside the assigned psychic readings will be analyzed!

Lectures is only going to highlight tips!

Do not examine only towards the end of the term!

Ask to clarify doubts!

Email any of the instructing team!

Make visit for consultation!

Request on the forum!

Lecture notes are skeletonised outlines and then you�re expected to fill them in during lectures!

Presence is expected at THE TWO lectures and tutorials

Educational Integrity

Academic Sincerity is a critical value with the University Community and ethics violations eliminate the fabric of the learning community and the soul of query that is essential to the performance of the School.  Please find more information on Academic Sincerity of FASS at docs/undergrad/plagiarism_warning. htm.!

Learners must be aware that using others' work without proper attribution (e. g. citing the work properly) constitutes plagiarism. Even when students paraphrases another person's work, appropriate citations are necessary to avoid plagiarism.!

The FASS gives a small e-course in stealing subjects. See http://

emodule. nus. edu. sg/ac/. Students caught plagiarising should receive a zero in their assignments and will be labeled the Dean's office. Second offenders can face a fine and other disciplinary activities. So be sure you acknowledge any sources or material you utilization in your assignments! �





Specific Assignment

twenty nine Sept, 5pm


Group Project (Report +


14 Nov, 5pm


Peer Assessment

17 Nov, 5pm


Class Contribution

Tutorial attendance/


Address participation!

IVLE Forum contribution


Last Exam

2 Dec 2014 (Evening)




Presence is necessary - official documentation has to be shown not any later when compared to a week coming from date of absence!