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The Janoskians are a band of 5 young boys that are taking the world simply by storm! The Janoskians = Just, Another, Name, Of, Silly, Youngsters, In, An additional, Nation. (Skip). The kids became seen to the mass media and open public and brand name as 'The YouTube and Online Sensations' in late Drive last year once their Meet & Greet and Luna Park, Melbourne, had a arrive of over 6000 fans and had being closed straight down. They now have got over 550K subscribers to their main Vimeo channel -- The Janoskians - with almost 56 million landscapes to date on one channel alone!! They have captured the attention of Sony, MTV, are partnered with YouTube and have merely signed with the likes of Keek and various other interpersonal platforms. The boys were also recently approached by the Moreland City Council Mayor, OscarYildez (Vic) and therefore are proud to say that they have now joined pushes with the 'Bully Free Down under Foundation' (in which they enhance awareness against bullying) will be anti-bullying Plank Members and Ambassadors for all those online social networks that they will be involved with. This campaign as well reaches schools, workplaces as well as the wider community. Involved in this kind of campaign include the likes of Pink, Melbourne Victory Soccer club, EDFL, ACG and many other high profile celebrities and businesses. The Janoskians recently released their very own first one being 'Set this world on Fire' with 3 more songs to be released in another few months! The boys have completed traveling and doing in the 'Summer Night's Tour' with Reece Mastin as well as the Justice Team which was a fantastic success and something the kids will never ignore. The Janoskians look forward to at this point travel international to meet the ever growing Janoskian fan base around the globe! The males have made almost 8 episodes with MTV including many 'bonus' and 'bloopers' clips added - in association with their show: www.mtv.com.au/thejanoskians. The show has now reached the UK and provides attracted interest from Canada, Sweden and many more countries and no doubt goes global this year...