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Case a couple of: Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Group: Trio

Date: 12/9/2014

Question1: Just how should quality be identified in this restaurant?

Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant's top quality is identified by the food top quality and customer care, and it has to make its customers become satisfied and happy to keep coming back its cafe again. These are its negative and positive points regarding its food and customer service quality.

Good Factors

It makes atmosphere that customers can feel and get pleasure from Mexicanrestaurant. Make prepares standard stocks for making and serve order quickly before supper. Waiters attention that order is correct or perhaps not just before serving dishes. Waiters as well care about customers, such as requesting another drink, and treat.

Negative Points

Customers need to hold out outside, especially Friday and Saturday night time because it has only small space to allow them to wait inside restaurant, and it does not possess reservation program. Customers at times need to wait 45 minutes to enter the restaurant. Ingredients' top quality is not good. Customers have to wait twenty minutes after ordering dishes. From these good and bad factors that I mentionedabove, Jose's Real Mexican Restaurant's problems are refreshing ingredients, looking forward to both going into and offering meals especially on Friday and Sunday dinner time. These types of bad items are enough reasons for Ivan Karetski are unable to get very much chip while before. Therefore , it needs to enhance their foodstuff quality and customer services especially on busy time. To improve top quality, restaurant should certainly use Six Sigma by peek time that capable restaurant to understand customers' demands, improve the service process. It also has to keep their good factors, such as waiters who keeps on eyesight order is proper or certainly not, to satisfy their customers. Issue 2:  What are the restaurants costs of process failures?

The Success key to any kind of restaurants is providing the standard support, quality food and friendly environment. We all as a group concluded that the eating places costs of process...