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 5 Characteristics of an Powerful Volunteer Essay

Five Attributes of an Effective Volunteer

This Saturday I could see how each of our class helped people through the Hurricane Relief food travel and how persons from the community volunteered a selection of their Saturday to assist. As I watched all of these wonderful things arise I could observe five features that was out to me personally in every offer. Confidence- having faith in firmly; great; bold Each person that came out on Saturday had a positive attitude that they might make a difference by simply devoting a bit of their weekend. They were daring enough to come to the Kwik-Stop to help also to not just see the Hurricane Pain relief signs and keep driving simply by. This self-confidence enabled us to collect food, clothes, home items, and in many cases a family fridge! Without self confidence everyone can be too scared to connect to one another and our category would never had been bold enough to possibly put the Typhoon Relief Travel on. Empathy- capacity for participating in the feelings or ideas of another We must not only be confident enough to take action, we need to also know what kind of action to take. By empathizing with each others demands we were able to put ourselves in the typhoon victim's shoes or boots and experience how confused and unfortunate they must always be and considered little items that could support. On Sunday people helped bring the essentials just like food and clothes but in reality brought stuffed animals, fancy food, and lovely smelling shampoo. Little such things as that make a lot of difference from a hand-out into a gift coming from another friend. When we consider the little items that other people will notice this strengthens each of our bonds with each other and lets us see persons as the same as us with similar emotions when challenging things in every area of your life happens. Kindness- sympathetic; friendly; gentle; good-hearted This sets us in the disposition to accomplish things individuals without coming on to good or like we're undertaking them a favor. Even as we help other folks we really help ourselves to be better people and see the world from other someones...